Licehamr & partners
Development - Private Equity - Partnership Basis

Values and Vision

Since 2007, our investment company has operated in the Czech Republic and other countries within Central and Eastern Europe. We seek and complete real estate projects, operational and investment financing, and private equity. We have gained experience from a wide range of successfully completed projects, and are therefore able to add value to our partners and own projects.

We build long-term business partnerships. Our goal is to reinforce the stability of the group, which is built on the principles and rules of economic rationale. Our corporate culture is built on credibility, high professional standards and strong ethical principles.



  • Ing. Milan Licehamr

    Ing. Milan Licehamr

    founding partner

    As Founding Partner and Managing Director of the company, he is responsible for the strategic management of the group.

    He has worked in the capital construction field throughout his career. From 1993 to 2011, he held managerial positions in the major German engineering company Obermeyer Planen + Beraten, GmbH (OPB). He personally participated in the management of many important projects in the Czech Republic, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. At the end of 2011, he became the majority owner of Obermeyer Development, s.r.o., which was then converted into LICEHAMR DEVELOPMENT, spol. s.r.o.  Milan Licehamr graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT) and a series of specialization studies.

  • Ing. Miloš Kostka

    Ing. Miloš Kostka


    As Partner in the company, his responsibilities include managing projects within the group and management of LPCM s.r.o.

    His main skills include effective management of the preparation and construction management process. From 1995 to 2012, he was a key employee at Obermeyer Albis Stavoplan, spol. s.r.o.  It was here where he participated in the preparation and management of a number of prominent buildings in the Czech Republic, as well as some international Obermeyer projects within countries of the former Eastern Europe. Milos Kostka graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT), majoring in economics and construction management.

  • Real Estate Investments

    Investing in the administration and development of property portfolios is one of our main activities. We provide comprehensive preparation of construction and engineering, project management, construction management, and subsequent leases or sales. Investments are focused on a broad spectrum of properties in different stages of their life cycle in order to generate added value for the longest period of time.

  • Company restructuring and crisis management

    We invest in companies with a higher or high degree of risk, where we usually take over majority ownership and full managerial responsibility. Subject to certain conditions, we provide consulting for the stabilisation of businesses, averting the threat of bankruptcy or the preparation and implementation of a restructuring plan.

  • Investments in corporations

    We focus primarily on medium and long-term investments in majority stakes in small and medium-sized enterprises. Transfer of managerial knowledge and skills accompanies our capital investment. The amount of a typical investment is around one million euros.

  • Accounting and tax consultations

    We combine our extensive experience in accounting, payroll, taxes, economics, management, marketing and economic systems with the individual needs of our partners. Our goal is to unite these individual aspects into a comprehensive and functioning unit, which will have clear and specific benefits.

  • Operation and investment consulting

    4 We create financial and organizational conditions for the formation of partner and project-oriented companies that will enable the development of various investment activities and related services. We provide access to working capital and standardization of internal processes for our partners.

  • International business

    Thanks to years of experience cooperating with foreign partners from across Central and Eastern Europe, we participate in international projects at home and abroad. A recent number of successfully implemented projects have reassured us that this strategic direction will be intensively developed in the coming years.

First projects in the Czech Republic

Milan Licehamr initiates cooperation with the international company Obermeyer

Our first project

Our first real estate project - Rubeška office complex in Prague

International success

Milan Licehamr present Obermeyer Czech Republic development strategy to other countries in the CEE region

Obermeyer Development

Founding of Obermeyer Development, which focuses on real estate projects

The end of expansion

Twelve fully operational Obermeyer companies cover eight new markets in the CEE region. The company's turnover in the CEE region has increased tenfold.

Licehamr Development

Current management buys Obermeyer Development, company changes its name and becomes a fundamental building block of the investment group Licehamr & Partners

LICEHAMR & Partners

Successful development of LICEHAMR & Partners group

New acquisition

Establishment of a successful development company specializing in accounting and tax consulting, construction management (fit-out management), architecture and design

New projects

The launch of two development projects, L & P construction management (LPCM) is introduced on the market, stabilization and development of FOCUS Partner, specializing in tax and accounting consulting

New projects

Entry to the market by LICEHAMR & partners industry group, focusing on projects in the area of industry investments. Acquisition of the first machinery project.


The vision of Licehamr & partners Industry Group is the use of long-term potential of the Czech industry.

We are a long-term strategy investor focusing on industry. We are particularly interested in companies that can be expected to grow in the long term. Our experience in emergency management and restructuring enable us to find potential for such growth even in places where the usual investor’s approach is inapplicable. Therefore, we often create and evaluate, in cooperation with our partners, also new flexible solutions tailor-made for the conditions of each project.

Key values of our approach are the experiences and proficiency that we acquired by long-term management of various industry companies, and also the knowledge of their business environment and market conditions. In our activities, we adopt a dynamic, flexible but also highly ethical approach with respect to all cooperating parties.

Please contact Mr. Milan Licehamr to learn more or to arrange a personal meeting.


L&P construction management

The strategic focus of LPCM is to offer selected customers specific knowledge and experience from top professionals that can decisively contribute to the successful realization of real estate projects.

Key is skills in the preparation and realisation of development projects, feasibility studies, economic optimisation of real estate projects, and maximising the sales and technical use of the property.

The main business pillars of the companies are the divisions dealing with project management, cost management, preparation and management of buildings and civil engineering, general contractor activities, technical supervision and fit out construction management.

Please contact Mr. Milos Kostka to learn more or to arrange a personal meeting.


Licehamr development

LICEHAMR DEVELOPMENT is an integral part of the investment companies of LICEHAMR & Partners Group. They actively invest in real estate projects in different stages of their life cycle.

In addition to real estate activities, they financially support the company development concept in the group. The strategy of LICEHAMR DEVELOPMENT is based on direct investments, especially in the diverse spectrum of real estate. We realize residential and office projects, buildings for manufacturing or logistics, and properties with a specific purpose, eg. health care facilities, retirement homes or facilities for community housing.  Each project is treated individually and with high level of personal commitment. We build upon the foundations of long-term cooperation with established partners, but we also endeavour to create entirely new business opportunities with institutional and private investors who share the same entrepreneurial and ethical principles.

Please contact Mr. Milan Licehamr to learn more or to arrange a personal meeting.


FOCUS Partner

Accounting, tax consulting and a comprehensive portfolio of related services are some of the basic attributes of FOCUS Partner’s corporate strategy. Key customers are small and medium-sized domestic and foreign enterprises.

In early 2014, Licehamr & partners investment group completed the acquisition of shares in FOCUS Partner, which provides comprehensive services in accounting, payroll, tax administration and consulting. FOCUS Partner is a young and dynamically developing company that combines their extensive experience in accounting, payroll, taxes, economics, management, marketing and economic systems with individual needs of its customers. The company's strategy is based on the qualitative aspects of its activities and constant, stabile development. FOCUS Partner offers a portfolio of highly professional services to a selected group of domestic and foreign companies from different segments of the economy. This represents an excellent platform for the efficient transfer of knowledge and skills.

Please contact Mr. Milan Licehamr to learn more or to arrange a personal meeting.